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 RoleplayNyuh Rules

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PostSubject: RoleplayNyuh Rules   Wed Mar 02, 2011 6:44 pm

Hello There I Am The Admin > . > well duh I am..

Anyways All Sites Have Rules. And Here They Are

1.) NO CHAT SPEAK "u r liek sooo awesome"
2.) No GMing "GodMod, God-Mode"
3.) No Trolling
4.) No Porn or Hentai
5.) No Cybering
6.) Don't be mean *if your roleplaying and that is how your character is then that is fine i guess*
7.) Respect Admins
8.) Respect Other Members
9.) No Spam
10.) You Don't Have To Be The Best Roleplayer To Roleplay
11.) You May Make As Many Forums As You Want *Keep it appropriate as in no sex and stuff like that*
12.) Yaoi and Yuri Roleplays Are Okay Just No Sex And Stuff In The Forums.
13.) No Calling New Members Noobs In A Rude Way. D X
14.) Have An Awesome Time Here!

*i will add more rules later*

If you have any questions you may ask an admin.
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RoleplayNyuh Rules
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